In case you didn't see the title, it's Mental Health Awareness Week this week, and it's pretty appropriate timing to say the least! As I told a colleague earlier today, this year has been all kinds of bad for me, and I don't mean that in a dramatic way at all, I'm very lucky to … Continue reading #mentalhealthawarenessweek


Application update: October 2nd

This weekend has been one of the most productive I've had in quite some time. Thanks to the MFA Draft Fiction group on Facebook, I've been able to get some really useful critiques on my work, which has pushed me to get my submission piece in shape. In some respects, it makes things difficult that … Continue reading Application update: October 2nd

A Week of Books

This week I've been reading: TransAtlantic - Colum McCann Zoli - Colum McCann The Chemistry of Tears - Peter Carey  And my personal favourite, Illywhacker - Peter Carey I've also been hitting the library an incessant amount, but more on that later. 

The Pitch

11.50, April 20th.  That was the slot I was allocated. Just ten minutes to tell a complete stranger about my baby and to hopefully not make a complete idiot out of myself.  It was organised by my university, from which I graduated 2 years prior. I'm going to be vague in this instance in regards … Continue reading The Pitch