My name is Shannon Bushby.

I live in the south-west of England, and I’m currently working on a book-length manuscript, as well as piecing together some short works and poetry. I have a 9-5 but unless you came here to fall asleep, I won’t tell you about it.I adore books, and have a couple of thousand in storage, as well as a few stacks in my studio apartment to keep me company.

My favourite writers include Ian McEwan, JD Salinger, Malorie Blackman, Louisa May Alcott and Adam Marek. I’m not averse to non-fiction but this usually consists of serial/spree killer biographies.

A year or so I decided I really wanted to apply to study in the United States, and get my Master in Fine Arts in Writing. It’s a very competitive environment, and this is my first year applying so I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the best! You can read all about my journey so far in my blog posts, and see the colleges I’m applying to. It’s going to be 7 this time around, all in various locations, so who knows where I could be this time next year!

I’ve most recently published in The Grief Diaries, Gravel Literary Journal and The Crucible, and The Forge Literary Magazine.

If you want to know something else, or you’re interested in collaborating, get in touch!