Roses are red, don’t be blue.

It seems apt that the day before Valentine’s Day, I heard news that a great literary magazine would be picking up the short story I wrote that focuses on all the most intimate relationships of my love. It’s a really personal piece, and it was an interesting experience to create it, as I don’t usually write anything so close to home.

It’s my second publication in as many months, and the feeling of justification is really refreshing. While I know that rejections will always be part of the package, and make you stronger as a writer, having that validation from talented human beings who have no reason to pander to your ego is wild.

Talking of Wild, I finally got around to watching the movie last night – apologies to those on the book track – and it was such interesting, simple journey of self-love and self-discovery, it seemed apt again, to be watching it the day preceding the Day of Love. I’m always a fan of Valentines, and like a dear blogger friend of mine wrote today, self-love is ridiculously important. After a difficult time last year, this is the first time I’m truly able to take my own advice, and today, as well as any other day, you should think about these things too:

Be your own best friend – step outside yourself when you think someone is doing you wrong and don’t let yourself take any negativity that you wouldn’t let your best friend deal with.

Take the risks – if there’s something you want to do, however small or big, and you’re letting the threat of a fall prevent you from taking the leap, don’t. Go for it!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – it’s a scary world sometimes, and if you don’t count on anyone else ever, you’ll end up pretty bitter. Reach out to your best friend, call your dad. As hard as it is to ask, it’s harder to watch great things pass by.

Do the bad thing – sometimes you need to save, or diet, or whatever, and it’s great to show that determination and stick to things. But sometimes you should definitely eat the chocolate, date the wrong people or book that flight. After all, we’re not promised tomorrow.

I’ll be spending my Valentine’s refreshing GradCafe and admissions portals, because I’m still waiting to hear from most of my MFA applications – you can see my application journey so far here – but I’ll definitely be having some French toast with maple syrup for dinner and watching The Way We Were in bed while I’m refreshing.

Happy Valentines to me, and to you!






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