When you’ve got that waiting feeling

The things you can do are:

Submit work to every lit mag under the sun

Rearrange the furniture three times over

Refresh your applications in case something’s changed in the last five minutes

Fantasize about booking flights when you should be working

Read over your submission piece and your statements of purpose until you find errors and curse the day you were born.

I’m doing pretty much all of the above, combined with re-watching Suits on my brand new laptop, and using the time to work on my food lifestyle. Talking of which, I just bought a Yogabook from Lenovo and it’s kind of the coolest thing going. It has the normal faculties of a laptop, but is multi-functional – the ‘Halo’ keyboard vanishes and becomes a drawing surface, with note taking capability,and it can also be used solely as a tablet. It’s actually a little enthralling to play with, although of course, I should probably be working on my manuscript instead of binging on Suits, or the Gilmore Girls Revival like I did yesterday – which is incredible by the way.

I completed my applications on Tuesday of this week. The tenth of January. In the end, I applied to seven schools instead of the eight I had planned. As much as Columbia initially featured in my ideas, with the pricey application fee, and the absence of guaranteed funding, I had to nix it. I’m happy with the work I put in to my applications, but of course the proof will be in the pudding. While there are things that I might change now, things I might add in, the submit button has been clicked, seven times. So now I, and all the other Drafters are waiting. I’ve been refreshing GradCafe over and over, but really I’m trying to distract myself from doing so. I’ve been sending out poetry and short story submissions all over the shop, after having a piece published in The Grief Diaries at the end of 2016.

Now that I have the laptop, I’ll be able to work more, including in Somerset later this week when I visit my family. This time last year, Ohio State, one of my seven, started to send out notifications. It almost doesn’t feel real, waiting until April to find out sometimes seems like months, but some days it feels too fast to find out what my future might hold. I’m on freaking tenterhooks, so keep ’em crossed.


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