My Christmas wishlist

So the season is here!

I’ve been watching copious amounts of Christmas movies, and eating triple chocolate cookies in my pyjamas, y’know, just like we’re supposed to. I’ve also gotten to thinking about Christmas presents. Normally, by this time in the year, my gifts are already chosen and wrapped but like a lot of others, my wallet’s been looking a little light lately so I’ve only managed half of my list so far.

Naturally, as a disgustingly selfish human being, I’ve also been dreaming of presents for myself. Strangely, when I was about eleven or twelve, my family seemed to decide I probably didn’t need anymore books, and stopped gifting them to me. Now I either pick them up by myself, or one of my sweetheart friends take pity and surprise me on my birthday – like A and S did with this beauty:


Anyway, I thought I’d share a few books from my wishlist, in case anyone was having trouble finding a present for the literature lover in their life… or if someone wanted to, y’know, play Santa and surprise me.


Also, how pretty are these editions of some of my favorite books from childhood, including my favorite Christmastime book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, and these beauties from Penguin that were released a few years back to celebrate the 70th anniversary of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s death.


Happy shopping angels!




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