women empower women

Today’s post is a simple one. I watched The Women, with Annette Benning, and one of my favorite actresses Meg Ryan, and was, as I often am, overwhelmed with love for my girlfriends. For those of you who don’t know, The Women has an all-female cast, and while the main story line is a woman (Ryan) who discovers her husband’s infidelity, I found the take away message was one of friendship and loyalty; something that, for me, is paramount.

As an avid fan of Sex and the City – both the TV series and Candace Bushnell’s 1997 book – I’ve essentially grown up seeing women celebrating each other as a standard. Samantha’s continual cheerleader role is something I’ve consistently aspired to, and thankfully my friends recognize that in me – I’m usually described as ‘a bitch with a heart of gold’, excuse my French.

What these films and books and television shows, and most importantly, my dearest friendships have shown me, is that we are all human, we won’t always agree with each other’s choices, we can all stumble but it’s those that are still there when you get back on your feet that are most important – extra points for the ladies that mess up and fall right down with you. I consider myself to be a pretty bad ass woman, and I wouldn’t be half the person I am without the women around me – shout out to my grandmothers too!

For anyone who does know me, it will be evident from my Instagram or my Facebook that I routinely write posts or upload pictures to let my closest and drunkest know just how much I appreciate them, but I wanted to write all of this down here, just so that I could brag to the whole world:

SJ. You’re unbelievable. You’ve literally managed to do it all in a year, and I know that sometimes it seems like you’re drowning in boiler repairs and vets’ bills but you are so driven, and so dedicated, so take a look around yourself next time – you’re genuinely fulfilling all your goals and you’re only 24! Also, you look the best you ever have right now – and I should know, I was the wonky fringe to your perky perm. I know that seeing each other can be difficult when we’re far apart and you’re out saving the world, but after our latest trip, I can’t wait for our next adventure, you’re the best!

AC. You’re going to have more degrees than pairs of socks at this point! I can’t believe how far you’ve come in studying and achieving professionally since we used to binge on Gilmore Girls when we should have been revising for History class. You’ve made a few classic errors in your time, like we all have, but I’m so glad that you’re really learning from everything that goes on and becoming more empathetic and kind everyday – I’m so proud of you for ticking these ‘adulthood’ boxes but there’s still nothing quite like putting the world to rights with you while we watch Rory fall in love with Jess all over again like we’re still sixteen.

SR. You’re actually Superwoman. I sometimes think there’s no way that you can sleep as well as working and travelling and rehearsing and helping every person under the sun, but somehow you do it! I’ve watched you finally take some time for yourself over the past couple of years and I hope you get the chance to do it more so that you get time to remember how sweet, gorgeous and hilarious you really are. If I had even a quarter of your work ethic I can’t imagine what I’d be capable of doing, and if I had your undeniable talent? I think the drivers in my city would probably stop rolling their windows up when they hear me and my car radio coming. Things have gotten rough for both of us in the past but if I hadn’t had you then, I probably wouldn’t be around now, you’re my rock.






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